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Saturday, September 9, 2023


 Capsular Contracture refers to the development of scar tissue within the breast implant pocket or ‘capsule’. The formation of scar tissue is a common occurrence, and normally does not cause any noticeable problems. However, when Capsular Contraction occurs, the scar tissue begins to tighten around the implant, causing pain and distortion of the breast, possibly even rupturing the implant. Surgical repair is the only viable solution for Capsular Contraction.

The symptoms of Capsular Contracture will range in severity with the most severe characterized by a tight, painful chest that may feel firm or hard to the touch. Eventually, this can lead to breasts that appear Contracture:

Grade I: The breast is soft, looking and feeling normal.

Grade II: The breast looks normal but feels slightly harder to the touch.

Grade III: The breast feels hard to the touch and will begin to look distorted or rounded with the implant sitting higher than normal.

Grade IV: The breast feels very hard, has extreme distortion, and causes discomfort or pain.


I have been performing Breast Augmentation Revision for Capsular Contracture using the most technologically advanced techniques for the correction of Capsular Contraction. These innovative surgical procedures have been developed to relieve both the physical and aesthetic problems associated with Capsular Contraction, restoring a beautiful, natural looking breast.

The method used to correct Capsular Contraction depends on the severity of symptoms, the woman’s unique anatomy, and if leakage is present. One of two techniques will be employed: the Open Capsulotomy and the Capsulectomy.


This technique is reserved for women with implants placed above the muscle and show no sign of rupture or leakage. The Open Capsulotomy will begin by making a small incision underneath breast or through the areola. From here he will open the implant capsule, allowing it to expand. Once a comfortable pocket for the implant has been created, the doctor will close the incision with dissolvable sutures.


This method of Capsular Contracture correction is used when the implant shows signs of trauma or leakage. A small inframammary incision or through the areola will be created. Next, he will remove the encapsulating scar tissue and the implant. A new breast implant may also be placed at this time. Finally, the incision will be closed using dissolvable sutures for proper healing. If the implant is above the muscle, it may be placed in a new plane below the muscle.


Patients should expect the recovery from Capsular Contracture correction to take from one to two weeks. There will be mild pain and swelling immediately after surgery. A special surgical bandage or bra will be worn for the first several days to keep swelling to a minimum. Bruising is also common, but will dissipate over the following ten to fourteen days. Appropriate pain medications will be prescribed to allow for a comfortable healing process. In some cases, drains will be placed to remove the accumulation of fluid in the breasts.

Most patients feel well enough to return to work in one to two weeks. More strenuous activities, exercise, and heavy lifting should be postponed for four to six weeks.

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Saturday, August 5, 2023

Am I Too Old for Breast Augmentation? I am already in my 50s 60s.....

 What? Breast augmentation in my 60s???

The common conception about breast augmentation is that it’s a younger woman’s procedure. A woman who is a bit more mature may wonder if she is too old to pursue a breast augmentation, breast lift, or both.

But when you dig a little deeper, what most women probably want to know when they ask if they are “too old” for the surgery, is really this: Are they too old to have the surgery safely?

The good news is that age is indeed just a number. The healthier you are going into surgery, the better the outcome you can expect, and there is no reason a woman in her 50s or 60s can’t be just as healthy going into elective surgery as a woman in her 30s.

If you are free of underlying health concerns and you eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, stay close to your ideal weight, and don’t smoke, chances are surgery will be safe for you. Your surgeon will perform a thorough physical exam to be sure there are no underlying issues that could complicate your recovery.

There are actually quite a few reasons a woman who has crossed the half-century mark might choose breast surgery.

Plenty of Time to Enjoy the Results

As time marches on, so does life expectancy. This means a woman in her 50s or 60s may have 30 years or more of an active lifestyle ahead of her. Enjoying those years may include doing things that boost your self-image — such as cosmetic surgery.

Having Children Later

Many women today choose to postpone having children to accommodate their careers or other interests. Rather than have breast surgery that may be affected by subsequent pregnancy and breastfeeding, they put off the surgery until later.

Menopause and Aging

The declining hormone levels of menopause along with the inevitable effects of time can conspire to cause breasts to lose their youthful firmness and lift. This can cause dissatisfaction with the appearance of the breasts with age. Surprisingly, breasts may also increase in volume with age due to increased fat deposits. Sadly, this does nothing to help lift the breast.

They Can Afford It

For many women, this is a time in their lives where their disposable income allows them to pursue a procedure they couldn’t afford a decade or so earlier. Since breast augmentation isn’t covered by insurance, this is an important factor in choosing to have the surgery.

While age alone is not an impediment to cosmetic breast surgery, age may play a role in choosing which procedure will best achieve the results you want. Women who have had children and gone through menopause may find that their breast have not only lost fullness, but they are beginning to sag. Implants alone will not rectify this issue and an augmentation combined with a breast lift will be needed to achieve the best results. Or, it may be the case that a breast lift alone will restore the appearance of your breasts without implants. An experienced and published surgeon in breast surgery is best qualified to listen to your wishes and make the most appropriate recommendations to achieve them.

If you’ve reached a “certain age” and feel that you would like to restore a more youthful appearance to your breasts, there is no reason to let your birth certificate dictate your options. Why not schedule and appointment for a consultation to discuss what will and will not work for you? The sooner you have the surgery, the longer you will have to enjoy the results.

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Monday, May 8, 2023



CASE 1 - 355cc Motiva Implants (dual plane)

CASE 2 - 335cc Motiva Implants (dual plane) with correction of low inframammary fold

CASE 3 - 375cc Motiva Implants (dual plane)


CASE 4 - 320 cc Motiva Implants (dual plane) & nipple reduction

CASE 5 - 360 cc Polytech Implant (dual plane)

CASE 6 -  360cc Polytech implant subglandular

CASE 7 - 335cc Motiva Implants & Inverted Nipple Correction

                                                 CASE 8 - 375 cc Motiva Implants (dual plane)

 CASE 9 - 315cc Motiva Implants (dual plane)

CASE 10 - 315 cc Motiva Implants & Nipple Reduction

CASE 11 - 295 cc Motiva Implants (dual plane)

CASE 12 (355cc Motiva Implants with hybrid fat grafting)

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Thursday, April 27, 2023




Breast augmentation, aka breast enlargement surgery, is one of the most sought after procedures in the world. Asia has been a hotspot for plastic surgery, where many people from overseas even choose to have their operation here. With that in mind, you would think that breast augmentation among Asian women would be common. In reality, the number of breast surgery performed in Asian women is not as high as you might expect. This is probably because of the stigma that many Asian countries still have about plastic surgery.

However, times are changing. Many are becoming more open about their desire to undergo surgery. As a result, many clinics are offering breast surgery services specifically for Asian women. Surgeons have more factors to consider when working with an Asian patient, compared to their Western counterparts.

Asian women usually have a shorter, slimmer frame, with lower body mass. They typically have smaller breasts, with small areolas and large nipples. A common trait of Asian breasts are large, round-shaped nipples with a small areola. It is also common for Asian women to lose breast volume as they age, or after pregnancy, thus resulting in sagging breasts.

That is why many Asian women are now opting to  undergo breast augmentation to get that youthful, active look. Along with breast augmentation, many also opt to have the size of their nipples reduced to create more proportionate looking breasts.

If you’re of Asian descent and are considering undergoing breast augmentation, here is a guide on some of the factors you need to think about, to give you a better understanding of the procedure, before you see your surgeon.

Implant Size

Most women consider D-cup breasts as the ideal size when considering breast enlargement surgery. However, as we established earlier, Asian women have a more petite frame, resulting in smaller breasts and chest diameter. A significant number of Asian women have B-sized cups, and some are even closer to A-cups.

For breast augmentation For Asian women, smaller size implants are better. Increasing your breast from an A cup to a B or C cup achieves a more feminine and natural silhouette depending on your built and bone structure. Going up to a D cup can result in breasts that look disproportionately bigger than your frame, leading you to feel uncomfortable about your body. During your consultation, it is best to follow the advice of your surgeon and to manage your own expectations.

Implant Profile

An essential factor to consider when thinking about the overall look of your breasts is projection. With breast enlargement for Asian women, accounts may vary when it comes to their surgery’s recommended implant profile.

Moderate profile implants are said to give great cleavage but in a more subtle and wholesome manner. An extra high profile implant desired in many Western countries may also work, though it creates a more “done” look. At the same time, it has a higher risk of rippling among Asian women.

It is essential to talk to your surgeon in detail about this to find the right profile for your body type. You can choose between a high or moderate profile implant. Some brands even offer implant projection between those two called moderate plus, giving you both profiles’ benefits.

Implant Texture

Textured implants, or the ones with a rough exterior shell, have been found to cause complications, both aesthetic and health-wise. It usually results in too much rippling for thinner frames. More importantly, it increases the risk of Breast Implant-Associated Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), a type of lymphoma that can form around implants, as its textured surface is more prone to catch bacteria, and invoke a negative response with the immune system.

Many surgeons prefer smooth texture implants or microtextured implants as they produce softer, more natural results, with fewer risks of implant-related complications.

Implant Filling

Again, rippling is a common issue when doing breast enlargement surgery among Asian women. Saline breast implants are filled with a sterilized saltwater solution after the shell is placed in the breast area. This may cause rippling or ‘wrinkling’ because of the water-like consistency of the solution.

On the other hand, silicone breast implants are filled with silicone gel, which results in a firmer feel. It produces more natural looking results.

Surgical Incision

Aside from breast size, Asians’ skin reacts differently to scarring compared to their Western counterparts. Their skin is very fine and delicate, which is impressive as it makes them age more gracefully. However, when it comes to surgery, they tend to develop either pigmented or raised scars. Also, Asian women are more private about having work done, hiding any possible scars that indicate their operation. During the consultation, make sure your plastic surgeon uses an incision technique that results in minimal scarring.

A common incision technique used in breast augmentation for Asian women is the Trans-Axillary incision. Here, the incisions are made in the armpit’s crease, and the implant is inserted through specialized cameras and instruments. It leaves a small scar in the armpit- none in the breast area- only visible when you raise your arm.

With that said, Trans-Axillary incisions give the surgeon less control with the implant’s placement, which may result in complications and undesirable results. So, most surgeons either use Periareolar or Inframammary incisions to their patients, including Asian women. 

A periareolar incision is done around the inferior areolar edge. This is a valuable option if you want a mild to moderate breast lift from your surgery. On the other hand, Inframammary incision is done in the crease underneath the breast. This is the ideal incision as it leaves only a thin, 1 to 2-inch scar hidden under the crease. It also gives your surgeon the best access to the surgical site.

Ideally your surgeon should have all the knowledge and skills in scar enhancement post-surgery such as the use of appropriate laser therapy such as CO2 fractional, Microneedling Radiofrequency, Pico Laser and Tixel therapy. 

Implant Placement

Because of their smaller breasts, Asian women have less breast tissue to work with. The wrong placement of the breast implant may lead to rippling and other aesthetic issues. For Asian women undergoing breast enlargement, extra coverage sometimes with fat grafting is essential.

Many surgeons recommend placing the implant under the chest muscle, which they call the “Subpectoral” or “Submuscular” placement. As it is placed under the muscle, implants become less visible, creating a more natural look and accentuating the breast tissue over it. There is also less risk of sagging because the muscle supports the weight of your breast.

Motiva Implants® for Breast Augmentation among Asian Women

Motiva®, the 6th generation breast implants, has brought satisfaction to many Asian women who underwent breast enlargement surgery, since it has been cleared for commercial distribution in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, and, now, the Philippines.

The Motiva® Round Implants are filled with a silicone gel known as ProgressiveGel® Plus, giving a younger and fuller aesthetic appearance, with the highest projection. With over 500 types of implants- of varying sizes and profiles- to choose from, Motiva® makes it easier for you to find implants proportionate to your body. Its stable gel also results in a firmer feel, lessening the risk of rippling after surgery.

Motiva Implants® have a SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface® shell, achieved through 3D nanotechnology imprinting. This smooth surface minimizes bacteria’s growth and attachment, reducing the risk of capsular contracture, late seroma, and BIA-ALCL. It also allows your surgeon to insert the implant through smaller incisions, resulting in minimal scarring.

Speaking of scarring, Motiva® has a TrueMonobloc® shell, creating an implant structure with equal tensile strength. This allows the implant to be easily inserted through a smaller incision (2.5cm to 3cm), thus a smaller scar post-operation.

Finally, a 6-year prospective study shows that breast augmentation surgeries, using Motiva Implants® resulted in less than 1% of cases of implant complications. It has lower capsular contraction rates, late seroma, and BIA-ALCL (Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma).

Skin Check Malaysia (Medical Specialist Clinic 2nd floor), Selangor, Malaysia | Motiva®

Right Surgeon for Breast Augmentation on Asian Women

Aside from the right implant, a credible and experienced surgeon is vital in breast augmentation among Asian women. As we established, Asian bodies have particular needs during surgery. 

Does your surgeon routinely perform breast augmentation- How many cases has he performed? Can you see his body of work? Does he have patients whom you can speak to who had underwent breast augmentation surgery under his care? Where was your surgeon trained in breast augmentation? Is your surgeon an authority on breast surgery - published scientific research and books on the subject matter? 

With the right implant and a professional surgeon, you are assured with a safe operation, achieving your desired results.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021




Ever wondered what constitutes an attractive pair of breasts?

Is bigger always better?

Plastic surgeons have been studying these questions for centuries and approached this in a scientific manner.

Patrick Malucci, a British plastic surgeon published his study in 2011 after studying 100s of pairs of breasts and in essence there are 4 points that constitutes the perfect breast.

 Point 1 - the proportion of the upper to the lower pole is a 45:55 ratio.

Point 1 Breast proportion is best at 55% lower pole and 45% in the upper pole.


Study done in 2014 studying the preferences of multiple population groups and published Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Journal. It does seem multiple population groups of all races and ethnicity and sex concur on what characteristics constitutes an attractive pair of jugs.

(The ideal breast characteristics are universally accepted and applicable)

Point 2 Nipples point upwards in a 20-degree angle.

Point 3 The upper pole slope is linear or slightly concave


Point 4 The lower pole is convex (bulging out)


Mallucci P, Branford OA. Concepts in aesthetic breast dimensions: Analysis of the ideal breast. JPRAS 2012;65:8-16


To achieve the best breast aesthetics, the surgeon must first slightly overfill the upper pole to allow a natural drop with time to achieve the 45:55 ratio. Placing the breasts immediately “perfect” on the operating table during the surgery may result in the breast sitting too low later on.

This is a rookie mistake and is important that your surgeon is able to predict the implant and breast-nipple position not just immediately but in the long-term to provide the best results.


Does Size Come Into Play? Is Bigger Better?

Well, not really!



Test silhouettes used by Swami & Tovée (2013) with a histogram showing preferences for five breast size categories. In general, medium breast sizes are preferred.

Choosing between five different breast size categories, one third of men rated medium as most attractive. Only a quarter preferred large breasts and just one in 10 preferred very large breasts.


Histograms showing breast size preferences shown by men in each test population. Note that there is a predominant tendency towards a preference for medium-sized breasts, although Cameroon is an exception.


So there you have it - characteristics of the ideal pair of bosoms. However, I would like to note that every person’s built is different and one can be beautiful in a harmonious manner.

You will need to speak to an experienced surgeon to determine your ideal breast size and shape and to achieve the results you dream of.

And remember, bigger is not always better!

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Thursday, May 13, 2021


Salah satu kemahiran yang diperlukan oleh doktor bedah kosmetik adalah kemampuan untuk menyesuaikan prosedur pembedahan payudara untuk pesakit golongan Asia. Ukuran badan golongan pesakit Asia dan tekstur kulit mereka berbeza dengan pesakit Eropah dan merupakan faktor yang kritikal ketika membuat keputusan mengenai implan payudara.

Kebanyakan wanita Asia memiliki ketinggian yang lebih rendah, bentuk badan yang lebih mungil dan juga saiz payudara yang lebih kecil berbanding dengan wanita Eropah. Implikasinya adalah doktor bedah mesti menggunakan implan yang lebih kecil daripada yang akan digunakan untuk wanita Barat. Contohnya, implan untuk membesarkan payudara wanita Asia menjadi Cawan (Cup) A atau B sudah cukup untuk menjadikan mereka lebih feminin, dengan penampilan yang dianggap ‘natural’ atau semula jadi. Peningkatan ukuran cawan C atau D mungkin terlampau besar untuk tubuh segolongan wanita Asia dan akan memberikan penampilan yang kurang natural.

Golongan pesakit Asia juga memiliki kecenderungan bekas luka yang timbul dan berpigmen. Kulit orang Asia lebih halus dan itu merupakan salah satu sebabnya wanita Asia sering kelihatan anggun walaupun dalam fasa penuaan 40an dan 50an. Walaupun ini boleh dianggap sebagai satu kelebihan, tetapi dalam pembedahan payudara, doktor bedah harus berhati-hati untuk mengelakkan parut yang prominen. Wanita Asia juga suka merahsiakan prosedur kosmetik. Justeru itu, bekas luka yang terserlah boleh mengakibatkan ketidakpuasan pesakit.

Bagi mengelakkan bekas lupa yang prominen, doctor bedah mesti membuat sayatan yang tepat dan sesuai untuk tubuh pesakit. Terdapat pelbagai pilihan untuk penempatan sayatan contohnya yang paling popular adalah di bawah lipatan payudara kerana sayatan tersebut tersembunyi dalam lipatan semulajadi payudara. Ada juga doktor bedah yang membuat sayatan lingkaran sekitar puting atau di lipatan ketiak. Terdapat kelebihan dan kekurangan bagi setiap sayatan pembedahan yang terbabit.

Pilihan implan yang digunakan untuk pembesaran payudara wanita Asia mengikuti prinsip perancangan dan pengukuran tisu yang disyorkan untuk membantu pilihan implan yang sesuai. Bagi wanita Asia yang mahukan penampilan susu labung yang lebih penuh dan terserlah, doktor bedah akan mengesyorkan implan silikon bulat yang berprofil tinggi. Bagi golongan yang mahukan penampilan yang lebih semulajadi; implan Ergonomix atau implan yang berbentuk air mata (teardrop) boleh digunakan. Cantuman lemak atau “fat grafting” boleh digabungkan dengan pembedahan payudara (dipanggil Hybrid Breast Augmentation) untuk penampilan yang paling natural.​augmentation-in-Malaysia.htm

Sekiranya anda mempertimbangkan pembesaran payudara tetapi mempunyai keraguan atau kebimbangan, sila hubungi kita untuk berbincang mengenai pilihan implan dan kaedah pembedahan yang paling sesuai. Hubungi Skin Check Malaysia untuk menempah konsultasi peribadi hari ini.

Ikuti kami di laman media sosial untuk informasi koleksi terbaharu dan aktiviti kami sepanjang tahun.

Terima kasih kerana menyokong.

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Friday, April 16, 2021

Should I Get Breast Implants or Fat Grafting? – That Is the Question


Should I Get Breast Implants or Fat Grafting? – That Is the Question

When considering breast augmentation or enlargement surgery, implants are no longer the only options. There is also the possibility of using the fat transfer techniques for natural or organic breast augmentation. With the option to choose between the two, anyone who is considering a breast augmentation procedure needs to think about which option might be better suited to the results that they want. Fat transfer isn’t always the right choice, and implants could be the better option for some people. Both implants and fat transfer have pros and cons, which should be explored before deciding which procedure might be best for your breast augmentation.


What Is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is an “organic” method augmenting the breasts by harvesting fat from another part of your body for example your thighs and tummy. The procedure starts with liposuction techniques to harvest donor fat from an area of the body with excess fat. The fat cells are then washed, centrifuged and purified before being reinjected into your breasts (or another part of the body that you want to augment – fat grafting is also an alternative for facial volumization with fillers). This means that you can both remove excess fat from an area which you would like to reduce and augment your breasts or another body part (such as your butt in the Brazilian Butt Lift) at the same time.

The Advantages of Implants

Using implants offers a number of advantages for augmentation. Breast implants offer excellent shape and projection which is unmatched with fat grafting alone. It could be the best choice for those who want to enlarge or lift their breasts.

Size and Shape

Choosing implants means that you can select a size and shape that suits you. You are only limited by the implant sizes & dimensions that are available, whereas if you choose fat transfer, the amount of fat that you have makes a difference (Disadvantage in slim or thin women as they have less fat for harvest).


When it comes to the safety of implants, breast augmentation surgery is something that has been carried out and tested for many decades. Although there have been safety concerns related to certain types of older implants, this has mostly been related to poor quality implants or incorrect insertion & technique or sterility. They are generally regarded as being very safe, especially with newer type of microtextured implants to choose from such as Polytech, Lifesil & Motiva.

Implant guarantee | POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics (


Another advantage of breast augmentation with implants is how long they last. The lifespan of breast implants should be between around 15 to 20 years before they need to be replaced. Unless you experience any complications, they need not be replaced any earlier than this.


Implants can be the less expensive option when compared to fat grafting. This is because fat transfer requires two procedures to first harvest the donor cells and then inject them, whereas implants require only one procedure. Furthermore, some breast envelope pockets are tight necessitating a second fat grafting procedure after the initial expansion. Some grafted fat is also lost (about 20-30% of fat is lost by resorption) after surgery. We use Stromal Vascular Fractionate (SVF) and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to enhance the fat graft survival in our surgeries leaving our fat grafting ‘take’ to be between 70- 80%.

The Disadvantages of Implants

Implants can also have a few drawbacks that should be considered when one decides between implants or fat grafting for breast augmentation.

Today, implants can be made to look very natural, especially when you choose the right type of implants and technique used by the surgeon (I prefer using a dual plane placement of implants and sometimes perform hybrid breast augmentation combining breast implants and fat grafting in the same surgery). However, some women with very little soft tissue coverage over their breasts who undergo breast augmentation with implants alone may have some rippling and slightly unnatural appearance such as less cleavage.


A hybrid breast augmentation – implant combined with simultaneous fat grafting will be indicated in such situations but can pose a problem for patients with budget constraints.

You may read more about Hybrid Breast Augmentation here.

There is also a very small risk of implant capsular contracture. Your body builds a “capsule” around each breast implant. The capsule is made from interwoven collagen fibers, or scar tissue. In some cases, the capsule tightens over time. This is called capsular contracture. When this happens, the collagen “fabric” around the implant shrinks due to a buildup in fibers. This tightening can squeeze the implant, making it feel hard and painful to touch. The incidence of capsular contracture is very low if correct technique which is surgeon dependent.

To prevent capsular contracture, I do not use breast sizers during the surgery as this can increase trauma & contamination leading to higher rates of capsular contracture. I published this study with world famous plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy who was also my Program Director during my plastic surgery training in Brazil.

You may read more about the Founding Father of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Ivo Pitanguy here.

I also use the Keller’s Funnel to decrease contamination and trauma during implant insertion ultimately leading to lower rates of capsular contracture.


The Advantages of Fat Transfer

Fat transfer also has some excellent advantages that might tempt you to choose it over the traditional augmentation method of implants.

For many people, the appeal of fat transfer is that it is more natural. Not only does it mean you won’t have any foreign material in your body, but it can create a softer more natural-looking augmentation too. However, it is still a major procedure, even if it is sometimes called natural breast augmentation.

Another benefit of fat transfer is it can address two concerns at once. If you want to augment one area but also reduce fat in another area, this procedure can help. You can remove fat where it’s unwanted and inject it into your breasts or another area where you want to increase the size, volume or shape.

Fat transfer is still a major procedure, but it is less invasive compared to implants. It does not require the incisions that are required for inserting implants.

In circumstances when implants may not be required, fat transfer can be a good choice. It is ideal for evening up uneven breasts or restoring the shape of a breast after a lumpectomy or in breast reconstruction.


The Disadvantages of Fat Transfer

Fat transfer has its share of drawbacks, which are important to understand before going ahead with the procedure.

Fat transfer can work out if you are looking for modest results. However, if you’re thinking about enhancing your breasts more than half a cup size or so, implants are likely to be better. You are also limited by how much fat you have available to use from other parts of your body.

While implants can last for many years, the results of a fat transfer might not last as long. The fat cells that are transplanted could be absorbed into the body if you diet or lose weight.


Overall, a fat transfer will cost you more than implants. It involves both liposuction techniques and injecting the harvested fat cells into the desired area. While these things can be done with local anesthetic and as an outpatient procedure, it can still be more expensive than implants. You may also require 2 to 3 sessions of fat grafting to expand the breast envelope to allow you to achieve the cup size that you desire.

The fat transfer method might not always be suitable in very thin or slim women. It works best for anyone who has some extra fat that they can use in another area of their body. If you are particularly slim or thin, you will probably find that you don’t have the necessary fat cells to harvest. It’s also not suitable for anyone who wants to go up by more than around a cup size.


Fat transfer might be referred to as natural augmentation, but it’s still a serious procedure with risks. It’s a newer procedure compared to implants, so the safety issues aren’t as well explored. It is a safe procedure, but it’s still a surgery that comes with some risks.


When to Use Implants

When should you choose implants for breast augmentation, or to enhance other parts of your body? Implants are probably the best choice if you want to increase the size of your breasts by more than half to one cup size. This is more difficult to achieve with fat transfer. Implants are also the better option if you are looking for more long-term results. Implants will last for a long time, and you can wait for 15 to 20 years before you need to consider replacing them. Choosing implants could also save you money too, especially as they last for a long time.


When to Use Fat Transfer

Fat transfer could be a good option for people who want to both remove fat in one area and enhance another area. It is ideal for women who want a more natural or subtle change, as it’s used to make a smaller change. It might also be right for those who want to even out uneven breasts or want to smooth out changes after a lumpectomy. If implants seem too big of a change or you want to keep things subtle, fat transfer could be the right option.


Whether you choose implants or fat transfer, it’s essential to have the right surgeon with ample experience with breast augmentation and liposuction & fat grafting.

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